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Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar

Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar
Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar
Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar
Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar

Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapy in Jalandhar

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What is Occupational Therapy

OT stand for occupational therapy which is related to the physical activity done by the children. This activity are done under daily life routine for example jumping, sliding, swing, running, jump on the balls and soo on ..this all tasks are providing to those who are less engaged in the physical activity. This will help to reduce the depression, anxiety, phobia,panic attacks.basically it is related to human thoughts and feelings. Which we try to cover up by doing this activity.

What is Sensory integration therapy

Sensory integration therapy is designed to help children with sensory-processing problems (including possibly those with ASDs) cope with the difficulties they have processing sensory input. This therapy is used to help children learn to use all their senses together for example touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

Another example of sensory integration when we read a book, we see the words on the page, we hear the pages turning, and we feel the book in our hands. We might even be able to smell the book if it’s old or dusty. We take in this varied sensory information and combine it to get a clear understanding of the world around us. This all are sensory integration process.

Occupational Therapy Treatment Center in Jalandhar

Occupational therapy (OT) is a healthcare profession that focuses on helping individuals of all ages develop, improve, or regain the skills and abilities needed for daily activities, or "occupations." These occupations can include a wide range of tasks and activities that are essential for living a productive and fulfilling life. Occupational therapists work with individuals who have physical, cognitive, sensory, or emotional challenges that impact their ability to engage in meaningful activities.

Key aspects of occupational therapy include:


Occupational therapists begin by assessing an individual's strengths, limitations, and specific needs. They consider the person's physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities as well as their personal goals and interests.

Goal Setting:

Based on the assessment, occupational therapists collaborate with the individual to set meaningful and achievable goals. These goals may relate to activities such as self-care (e.g., dressing, grooming), productivity (e.g., work, school tasks), and leisure (e.g., hobbies, social activities).


Occupational therapists design and implement interventions that are tailored to the individual's goals and needs. These interventions may include exercises, activities, strategies, and adaptive techniques to improve functional abilities and independence.

Physical Rehabilitation:

Occupational therapists help individuals recover and improve physical skills, such as fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and balance, following injuries, surgeries, or medical conditions.

Sensory Integration:

For individuals who have sensory processing difficulties, occupational therapists use sensory integration techniques to help them process sensory information more effectively and regulate their responses to sensory stimuli.

Cognitive Rehabilitation:

Occupational therapists work with individuals who have cognitive challenges, such as memory problems or difficulty with problem-solving, to develop strategies for improving cognitive skills and managing daily tasks.

Adaptive Equipment and Assistive Technology:

Occupational therapists recommend and train individuals in the use of adaptive equipment (e.g., mobility aids, splints) and assistive technology (e.g., communication devices, computer software) to enhance their functional abilities.

Home and Environmental Modifications:

Occupational therapists assess home and work environments to identify modifications that can improve safety and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapists also work with children who have developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, and other challenges to help them develop the skills necessary for daily activities and participation in school and play.

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