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About Hope Centre for Speech Therapy and Autism Treatment

We are a team of speech and occupational therapists. This is a team of different professionals for child to improve them mentally, socially and emotionally in daily living of life. We have multidisciplinary approach with (CBT, OT, SPEECH THERAPY-ABA) each individual child. Our team is drug free and enroll non- medical therapy for special children. We also provide different education for special children. We also provide facilities for Autism, Down - syndrome, Mental- retardation, Dyslexia, Delayed in speech, Language pronunciation, Stammering/ Stuttering. We provide one session for one child. We have 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour session for one child. which means one therapist for one child. Our main goal is NORMAL LIFE and NORMAL SCHOOL for your child.

A speech therapist and audiologist provide therapy regarding speech and language disorder to all age groups.

A speech therapist deals with special children and practices therapies to Special children ( ADHD- Autism, C.P- Cerebral palsy, H.I- Hearing impaired and D.S - Down- Syndrome).

Hope Centre for Autism Treatment Autism Centre Speech Therapy Centre in Ludhiana